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“I worked with Bren on an 8-week assignment for The Mines Advisory Group … which actually turned into a 12-month assignment, which is testament to Bren’s flexibility and adaptability. During this time, Bren did a fantastic job of elevating finance and commercial analysis into the organisation’s day-to-day decision making, including initiating a transformational change agenda.  I found Bren to be a rare mix of being incredibly commercial but equally focused on people, systems and the accounting architecture as well as making a wholesale restructure of the finance team to better align with the organisation’s requirements.  These attributes are made all the better as Bren is easy to work with, enthusiastic and comes to work with a smile on her face.”

Anthony Collier, FRP Advisory Group

“I’m proud of the work Bren did with my company. We built a comprehensive finance function, defined the transfer pricing policy and implemented a Board structure that allowed us to prepare for the future. Her knowledge and help proved invaluable in our growth story."

Neil Pickstone, volcanic

"I first met Bren five years ago when she joined me for a 36 hour Leader Intensive. In GiANT terminology, Bren is a Creative Pioneer, a natural conceptual architect who is able to get to the heart of complexity, seeing how all the pieces of the jigsaw fit together (as well as spotting which pieces are missing!). She sees the future before others, both in terms of opportunities and threats, and is always on the look-out for ways to make things better. Bren is a remarkably talented woman who is always seeking to grow, learn and adapt to different roles as circumstances require whilst holding on to her values."

Steve Cockram, GiANT Worldwide

“Having known Bren for some 15 years, when an opportunity became available to work with her within my own business I jumped at the chance. She has exceptional technical knowledge, but also adds value to strategic thinking like no one else I've ever met. Bren does not always tell you what you want to hear but what you need to hear. She has an ability to cut to the crux of an issue and not allow her or your judgement to be clouded by spurious distractions.”

Alan Glover, The Elenchus Approach

“I first met Bren when she helped to coordinate over 20 companies in Greater Manchester City Region’s CAV2 £14m grant bid. As well as managing the complexities of Innovate UK processes, Bren helped to bring key participants on board, coordinated the funding elements of the bid and advised many consortium members on practical implications of the bid for their businesses and working capital cycles. I was impressed with the breadth of Bren’s knowledge which is matched by her dedication and determination to get things done. I continue to seek Bren’s guidance and her help has been invaluable in the launch of my business venture in developing a transparent market place for Mobility as a Service supported by blockchain payment solutions.”

Simon Herko, TravelSpirit and Iconic Blockchain